golden moments

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I am sitting here watching golden girls, and missing my grandmother so much!! some of our best times were sitting in her chair together sipping hot tea eating toast and watching golden girls.  We would have our best talks while watching that show.  I remember her laugh and miss it so much.  Her favorite character was rose.  She always told me how smart the lady was in real life.  Also told me of all the things that sophia did in real life and let me know that it is great to donate to causes and things.  No matter how much time passes I always think of her.  She was one of the greatest people in my life.


summer is here

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so most of the kids are off at camps.  Two of them at a church camp

and one is doing trail crew for a boy scout camp. 

It is very quiet around here.  My brother is staying and has become best friends with my friends daughter.  The dogs are not used to the boys not being here so they have been moping around here all day. 

 I honestly thought one of them was sick until someone pointed out that she is just doing her usual pouting that she does when I go somewhere.  I havent gotten to see it full blown.  Its so sad.. 

Two days from now I have an awful doctor appointment I hate them. 

Sorry this blog is so all over the place.  I have been trying to get everything together properly we have so much going on in the next few weeks. 

YAY thunderstorms.. sorry I got side tracked but I love storms..  I wish I could get some good footage of the storms but my camera never wants to focus right when I try. 

anyway we have people going and coming to camps when one set gets back another set goes in the middle we have my brothers graduation party.

  my sister has her anniversary and my bestie has a bday on july 3rd!  after that we have people going to other camps we are taking everyone to the new harry potter and we are going to different mini vacations..  hey if you guys like pics check out my other website..  I usually post pics there of our different events and what not.  if not I always post to facebook so feel free to friend me on there as well.. 

anyway talk to you soon feel free to comment, I am trying to decide what all to blog about I have requests for different things and vids but you guys let me know.  I also have been putting up more vids on



easter and what not

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So its been a long time since I have posted anything on here.  I am not doing anything too exciting today, just doing some spring cleaning, throwing things out, preparing a sale, and doing some laundry.  (On a side note it does not matter how much cleaning you do to your home and shampooing ect, if a stinky person who refuses to bathe lives with you, wherever they are will still smell!! ) so disgusting.. anyways..

I was taken off oxygen during the day a few weeks ago, its been nice to not be so tied down, but at the same time my blood pressure went through the roof and my oxygen levels drop at times and its pretty scary.  My doctors are hoping to be able to start worrying about my kidneys because now I am getting fluid around my heart.  Which is not good at all..  I have been in a ton of pain lately and I know people think I am being bitchy or whatever just because of a look I get on my face but I am still even tempered there is only so much I can do to hide the pain people..  I am sorry.  It just really upsets me when I am working my tail off and trying to have fun and just because I dont smile constantly I am being a bitch… seriously???  do you want to trade me..  you have golf balls come out of your pee hole daily and see if you can smile and get through the day..  The same people wonder why I never want to do things with them.  hmmm..  If I have a choice of spending time with people who are understanding and have fun, or spend time with someone who constantly tells me I am being a bitch and criticizes every move I make…  let me think????  oy vey!

On a happier note we had easter the other day.  The kids had a good time egg hunting and what nots.  They had some really cute baskets.  Joeys is shaped like a monkey and nathans is a robot and mjs is a bunny.  Unfortunately the birds stole 8 of mjs eggs.  I had never seen such a thing.. they werent even real eggs.  they were plastic purple eggs.  these birds kept taking off with them..  I think maybe they are just being too lazy to lay their own eggs? lol idk.. just a theory..    later on we all played different out door games and everyone took turns getting a ride on the motorcycle.  my uncle was very nice and while we were all playing games he fixed mine and my sisters windshields..  Another funny thing that happened was we all got these flavored bubbles and we were blowing them and what not and the dogs just went nuts.. they were jumping trying to catch the bubbles.. lol  saddie our rott just loved it.. 

as another side side note lol..  some people who I was friends with years ago contacted me two weeks ago, wanting me to hang out and all this stuff.  I am not sure what to think.  I know people can change but some of these people did some pretty horrible things that I can not just forget.  It caused many changes in my life.

Make Money Online

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I wanted to make some extra money, especially since I just got out of the hospital and I am very limited on what I can and cant do.  So I found some sites that you make money just from doing the things that you normally do online.  It is really simple. 

I wanted to share it with people because I know there are people out there who need the money just as much or more than I do.  It is completely free to join and is easy as pie.

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click that and get started.. I will see you guys later.

Bustin’ out!

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so I am still in the hospital in Iowa city right now as I write this blog, however I could be going home tomorrow.  I am both excited yet terrified at the same time.  I am excited to be able to see people I care about everyday, but what sucks is I have started caring about some of the people here so much and I am going to miss them.  There are so many people here that are just so awesome!!  🙂 I had a goal to beat my uncle to my moms house lol, he will be back on July 2nd.  Looks like I might get there… 

I am terrified to go home because there is no panic button there, and nurses to run in during the night when the alarms go off if I stop breathing.  Here if my heart rate gets to a certain point an alarm and red lights start flaahing and people run in and fix the problem.  Being alone at home with the dog a cute as heck black lab but what is he gonna do besides piss himself and leave a mess for me to clean up??!!!  I wasn’t so scared till this sleep study guy basically told me that even if I lay a certain way in bed that I will have a stroke and die in my sleep.  Which is a contridiction to what everyone else has said which is that I am doing so well.  of course he also said if you lose more than 2 lbs a week there is possibly something wrong. and everyone else says its because I am working so hard.  I am working my tail off!! Everyday I push harder and farther!  there are days where everything hurts but I push through it and keep on moving!  There is so much life to live and i wanna live it! 

hospital stay

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ok so I have been in the hospital for over a month now so I have not had anyway to write let alone mind capacity to do so.  It took me over an hour to remember my screen name to get logged in to write this post lol.  I am still in the hospital at the moment but doing much better than I was a month ago.  I can walk around and do many normal people activities again some of them I need assistance with but things are going better everyday.  Sorry this is short but thats really all I have.  I have quite a bit going on here so I have had to stop twice already and every time I get intteerupted I forget what I am doing so i am going to stick with this I will write a longer one in the future when I am feeling even better!

Journey to healthy lives

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We started about a year ago eliminated unhealthy things from our diets and adding in healthy alternatives.  We really got serious in January and started exercising and following several recipes from biggest loser cook book and a diabetic website that we frequent.  We started keeping a journal of everything we ate and the calorie counts and checking our weights every morning, as well as joining biggest loser weight loss group at the church.  Even though we had eliminated all junk foods and things some how the kids (ages 17, 14, 10, 7) were somehow still gaining weight.  Two of the kids are obese and a big reason why we started this journey.  We want them to start living a healthier life style and get to a healthy weight before other health problems start affecting them.

The 14 year old is a girl and she was gaining and gaining, so she started getting really frustrated.  We started asking doctors and reading everything we could on proper portions, we started working out even more.  Still she gained weight, then this show comes on one night called food revolution…  Well it shined a light on something we never realized.  What is being served at school lunch!  Aside from the fact that most of it is absolutely disgusting, it is no where near a healthy meal, yet they try to say they want our kids healthy and want kids to be at a certain fitness level and give them the presidential fitness tests..  On top of that several of the schools have cut back on PE, and next year are wanting to get rid of it altogether.  Right now they get to have PE either the first half of the year or the second half.  anyway!!!!

at breakfast kids are having cereal with chocolate or strawberry milk in it, they are allowed 5 pieces of toast, they get a breakfast sandwhich and a fruit, and sometimes have breakfast pizza as well.  Yes all those things are on the tray. ( Now at home they are given a healthy cereal with white skim milk and half a banana  and 8 oz of juice.  The teens when on the go have a fruit and grain bar and half a banana with a small cup of milk) At lunch they are given almost nothing that is actually cooked there for starters, but every single day they are allowed to have pizza up to 5 dinner rolls, an extremely sugary fatening desert fruit cocktail heavy syrup, and unless they choose to go to salad bar are given no vegetable because the sauce on the pizza or ketchup given with chicken nuggets is somehow considered a vegetable according to regulations!!!!!  can you believe that????  As a family we have now watched several food related documentaries and shows that teach us as well as the kids why it is important to make the right decisions even now in their life.

We watched food inc.  super size me, killer at large why obesity.  The kids of course had tons of questions about why things are run the way they are and we put it as simply as we could that people are greedy and it all boils down to money.  They started making better choices at school and knew that they can leave things on there and make a choice of what they would like to have in the morning.  They now choose white milk and go to salad bar everyday.  They have gotten several of their friends to do so as well.  Since they started they were happy to report that the cooks started putting out more fresh vegetable choices for them.  our 14 year old has now started losing weight and is very proud of herself, for the first time today she wore a very cute girly shirt without a hoody over it.  Before she would wear a guys 3xL tshirt with a hoody over it.

I am not sure how to get the school lunches and things changed but if anyone has ideas please let me know.  Also the taking away of PE..  they are at school for nearly 8 hours sometimes longer if they are in any groups or specials.  I have thought if paying someone a salary was an issue to see if they would allow parent volunteers to come in and do PE..  Honestly how hard can it be to take role call then get them to do calisthenics and start to play dodge ball, tennis, soccer, or whatever.  We do all those things at home now, but there are so many kids that live in small apartments with no yard or live with disabled parents that cant take them out and run around so their only chance at exercise is at school.

Sorry this is so jumbled I just wanted to get it all out!