The Crazy House


Sitting here in the dark, trying to figure out why things happen the way they do.  I have been ill for quite a long time.  A problem with my kidneys causes my body(and severly in feet legs and well everything below waist) to swell with fluid.  My doctor was giving me treatments about every week to take the fluid off, but it got to the point where it wasn’t working anymore.  I would just get done, go to put my feet on the floor and they would swell right back up again.  So I had been trying to find other ways to help it.  We tried wraps, eating a no salt what so ever diet (which was nasty, no one wants to eat oatmeal that much), keeping my feet up as much as possible, and other things that are too humiliating to mention.  Nothing really seemed to work.  I just kind of gave up and just started living life and just doing things to do them.  A couple weeks ago I started to notice that I am not as swollen and I can see all the bones in my feet again.  The fluid is all coming out, the only bad part is when fluid comes out of your body, one you sweat quite a bit, and two you have to urinate a lot more than normal.  Now my clothes are fitting nicer again.  Its nice to have that happen.

Well I was at the gas station went in to pay for gas and get some beverages, I walk out not thinking anything of the fact that it just seemed to feel quite a bit colder than when I walked in.  I sit the drinks in the car, and realize that the entire world can see my bright pink panties.  I didnt realize that my pants had gotten that baggie.  Sadly enough this happened to me two more times in the same week.  So now I have a pants check, a double check, and if there is someone in the car with me you better believe there is an obsessive third party check.  I am not one of those girls who likes to show their butt cleavage. 

Speaking of those kinds of girls…
I have friends, well not sure if I would even call them friends, they were my friends in high school, and I have hardly hung out with them since then.  They are on my last nerve!  Constantly whining, litterally crying, bitching, and wanting everyone to kick this guys ass for even looking at another girl, but then they can go and make dates with random dudes, and have sex with the people, and everyone is supposed to look the other way and pretend it never happened.  I am tired of pretending, I don’t like stupid games.  If you want someone who can’t see your actions no offense to people here but become friends with a blind person. 

I guess I just do not know what to do here.  I am just sick of seeing people hurt other people, especially when it looks like they are doing it intentionally.  I swear some people are their happiest when they have some one miserable and crying and hurting.  I am a firm believer in that whole treat someone how you would want to be treated.

On the lighter side of news…
I think my cat Athena is pregnant.  picture-or-video-024.jpgShe is all big in the mid-section, and now waddles instead of walking.  I am sure I looked crazy, but I sat outside and had a long talk with my cats about the need to stay away from boy cats until they are ready to commit.  I mean which cat is the father here..  Should we be asking for kitty support???  lol..  Not to mention now the younger cat Maya mayainpot.jpgthinks that she needs to go and run around, so I chase her rear end right back up where she belongs.  For real though I sat outside and petted my little babies and did talk with them I think animals like to be talked to.  I do think it would be funny to take the pregnant cat to the neighbors and ask for kitty support.  I wonder how long it would be before they called the crazy house on me??  LOL!!!

11 thoughts on “The Crazy House

  1. Sitting here in the dark, trying to figure out why things happen the way they do. I have been ill for quite a long time, and i cant stop eating my own poop…talk about heartbreak…anyhoo im a big fat squeezer and i cant stop drinking my own foot juice. i know its weird but whatevs i lobe it. haha gobe it?!?! right. soo i also enjoy being wayy= pops and sucking fucking. asides from that im a lame blogger and the i-net is my bff ff forevs
    lobe yall

  2. U best shuk up shell, ya stank’eh azz bitch! i’d #@*% your mom in her fuck hole if she didnt create such awful and retarded waste dongs like you and crazy whore. that girls just awful retard and swells like a baboon. in her face yall.

    also daveys please let shell alone
    may the good lurd be wit yall
    -turd mcLurdsnute

  3. why would people say this stuff about a person who is obviously struggling with a problem. this is a christian site so take your insults to injury elsewheres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Laura the P.O.

  4. i heard she likes to put scat up her mouth hole and poop up her shitter
    after she scats it all over than she pretends to be a lady and calls herself laura but really she is a he and he likes to bleed out of tubes whilst pissing into a jar with the intention of drinking both but never doing so and never cumming and never gettng off and ALWAYS eating the scat. with piss gravey


    your sliding down a shit roap laura…a shit roap laura…a shit roap

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