Ugly Duckling


What exactly does a person have to do to be a respected memeber of a family?   What I mean by that is to not be an outcast, the person no one wants to talk to or be around, and for people not to roll their eyes at your very existence.

It really hurts me sometimes when I am out here just kind of forgotten, especially whe I can at least e-mail people usually several times a week!!!   I usually hear about things once they are already over.

Everything really starts to bother me particularly when I do nearly everthing to seek their approval.   They didn’t like my piercings so I took them out.   They didn’t like some of the things I did like going to bars so I stopped going.

I have taken my younger sister to the mall on a small shopping spree and catered to her every need during the month of her birthday becasue she was also getting married.   I found out she took the stuff back and bought something silly.   On top of that she was a totally rude snot.


20 thoughts on “Ugly Duckling

  1. your thoughts are sophisticated, easy to relate to and overall touching. The power of your words has really hit me. It is amazing how similar I am to you.

    -a fellow complex mind

  2. the fact that your worrying about this affects everyone. i no exactly how you feel, but dont be the one to “take a stand”. What i did, was just BE there, be a nice person as well. People will wat u around because your nice. If someone says, “uhhh im really thirsty” you should say, “I was just about to go to the kitchen, do you want something?” something as simple as that, people will want u around. Not only that, when someone is sad,be the one to take a step and go be with them. TAKE A STAND in what you want to do. people want ot be around nice people, not drama starters, and if you get mad at your sis for bringing all that stuff back, forget it. it already happeened, i no its annoying. my sister is the same way.

  3. oh my gosh, it’s so funny but i just happened to stumble onto your page. i’m having the exact same issue in my family. my parents, my brother, they disrespect and take complete advantage of me and my family, not to mention, they hold us to some unrealistic standard. it’s so weird, seems like all you want is a resonable response from those that you love but maybe you’ll never get that. i’ve made up my mind to just let things be but just try to be more assertive and try to not to let them walk all over me and then wipe their feet on me like some kind of worthless door mat. i will still love and reach out to them but not to MY personal detriment because love shouldn’t be about constant abuse and when it is you have to step back and realize that you can only do so much and then after that if they don’t love you for who you are then maybe that is okay and maybe you don’t really need their approval. i always do things so that my family will love and accept me but they never truly seem to so i guess i just figure that i’m worthy to be loved just the way i am and that i don’t have to do things to “get” their love or change who i am so that i can be “worthy” of their love and respect. okay now i’m just rambling but it’s been freeing for me.

  4. thank you to all who replied to my post here. Things have actually gotten a bit better between all of the people in my mothers side of the family. We had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a great Easter.

  5. Yeah! U r right its very dificult for being respecten in d family.. I am eldest daughter of my parents. My siblings r 5 yrs younger than me. But my parents tought them to treat me as garbage n they do so..
    God help me

  6. Very sorry to hear that coolgal. I sm sure one day they will learn to respect you and see the great person that you truly are.

  7. my dear,
    i was looking for a picture of a duckling, and in this manner stumbled upon your blog. i’m sending you a big cyber hug, because i can really relate to what you’ve written on many levels.

    wishing you brightness, joy, happiness.

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