summer is here

so most of the kids are off at camps.  Two of them at a church camp

and one is doing trail crew for a boy scout camp. 

It is very quiet around here.  My brother is staying and has become best friends with my friends daughter.  The dogs are not used to the boys not being here so they have been moping around here all day. 

 I honestly thought one of them was sick until someone pointed out that she is just doing her usual pouting that she does when I go somewhere.  I havent gotten to see it full blown.  Its so sad.. 

Two days from now I have an awful doctor appointment I hate them. 

Sorry this blog is so all over the place.  I have been trying to get everything together properly we have so much going on in the next few weeks. 

YAY thunderstorms.. sorry I got side tracked but I love storms..  I wish I could get some good footage of the storms but my camera never wants to focus right when I try. 

anyway we have people going and coming to camps when one set gets back another set goes in the middle we have my brothers graduation party.

  my sister has her anniversary and my bestie has a bday on july 3rd!  after that we have people going to other camps we are taking everyone to the new harry potter and we are going to different mini vacations..  hey if you guys like pics check out my other website..  I usually post pics there of our different events and what not.  if not I always post to facebook so feel free to friend me on there as well.. 

anyway talk to you soon feel free to comment, I am trying to decide what all to blog about I have requests for different things and vids but you guys let me know.  I also have been putting up more vids on




~ by skeys1981 on June 20, 2011.

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  1. i like to spend my mini-vacations on a tropical island with lots of coconut.’

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