Internet stalkers

IT is a crazy and weird feeling when you look up from the work you are doing and glance across a room to see your face on someone elses computer.  LOL this has happened to me more than once.  The other day however I did not have a clue who this girl was and it still kind of bugs me.  To the chick reading my stuff who aparaently lives near me somewheres who are you???    anyway.  No I am not calling her an internet stalker.  just to make it clear.  Another thing that creeps me out is those people that have like 5 million different internet names and no matter how many times you block them they still end up back in the place where you hide all your friends inside your computer.. lol the internet.  There are a couple of guys in particular that annoy the crud out of me with this.  I just want them to leave me alone.  I guess I should be happy that I do not see them really in person anymore, but I don’t want them leaving me nasty messages all the time either and saying weird things about me all over the internet its rude, childish, and annoying.  (my ex boyfriends)  Havent dated either of them in years now!!  I don’t really know what to do either. 

On the lighter side of the news it is finals time!  One of my classes I am doing really well in so I am not worried but one of the other classes I am not doing so well so I am terrified that I will fail and look like a total idiot.

guitar hero

ok so there is nothing like knowing how much you suck first thing in the morning.  LOL..  I have been totally owened in guitar hero by a friend of mine.  No matter how many damn times I retry and redo I can’t get a higher score than 1250. 

ok so I was having a decent day then the piece of shit woke up and pissed me off I am so tired of his retarded dumb fucking shit he can go fuck himself in the ass for all I care.  I am so sick of this shit he thinks he is so fucking funny how funny is it gonna be when he is limping hes missing his penis and he cant move his jaw. 



Feelin a bit better.  I would just like to announce to everyone out there that I am NOT NORMAL!!!!!!!  please let me go on to explain.  all of my friends and JP..  think I should want to have kids and should want my relationship to be a certain way and do certain things.  Well not everyone in the world wants to have kids of their own.  Yes I do enjoy other peoples kids and think they are cute sometimes but they can also get on my nerves too. Please listen carefully to this part though…  I DO NOT WANT KIDS OF MY OWN RIGHT NOW!!!!!  I might not ever want them I do not know.  I just don’t!!  Don’t try to be my therapist about it and try to say I really do but bla bla bla…  Certain people are going to think I am only talking about you.  No I am talking about everyone that has done this to me.  Even my own mother at times!!  god love the woman, she needs to be patient.  OK I love you all and most of you have kids of your own and love them dearly and love having kids I know.  However its not for everyone.  Not everyone enjoys such thoughts.  He is going to hate me for putting it all out here but things would have to change in our lives for me to even consider the thought.  Things that are no ones business but his and mine.  Bottom line here is people need to listen to me when I try to tell you something and not try to force me to have your opinoins.  Its annoying.  That would be like me liking to eat pine cones and I tried to force you to say you like to eat pine cones when you think the thought is just obnoxious. 

On the up side..  it was nice out for a while today.  I got to talk to my friend came up with some awesome ideas..  well ttfn..

Earth day

Happy earth day I hope you all took time out to hug a tree.  lol..  I know I plan to!  (big grin)  I love trees.  I am still sick.  Been filling trash cans with vomit all over town.  lol..  lady outside town at a gas station I go to frequently remembered me from yesterday and knew I had been sick and was all worried.  I would like to thank her for being caring and helpful..  David Letterman just talked about earth day.. Word!!!!!  Walmart is all about goin green.  Went and bought my non paper and non plastic reusable bags today and started doing other things to reduse reuse and recycle even more so than we were already. 

Oh by the way I am about to go out and buy a damn pregnancy test just to show all yall that I am not pregnant!  so HA!!!!!!!!  I will let you know what the results said and maybe take a pic so you know I am not lying and I am right and you are wrong. 

by the way there is this really neat church near the library that puts really clever signs up every week I really like you guys that is just freakin funny as hell…

icky icky

so I thought I was ok and feeling good and back in the swing of things so I just started doing a ton of crud and getting stuff done and what not…  Then I start getting this really weird feeling…  I get all feverish and hot and no amount of ice or cold water or fans blowing and windows open or being outside was helping.  my head started to hurt.  Next thing I know I am getting sick and it was nasty.. 


I filled that sucker over half full it was gross…  that was only one time of getting sick..


about every few minutes I was fightin to make it to the potty..  icky!!!  Thanks to the peeps who cleaned up the trash can for me…  that was nasty..  now my muscles hurt.  I want cuddles.

I wasnt lost but I am still not found either

hey there people.  I am sorry I have been away for a bit.  I have been getting some work done and what not.  I have also not been feelin to well so when I have had spare time I have been trying to get rest or catch up on laundry or get my readings done.  I have been on the go a lot.  The good news is I will have a lot more time once may comes around for peeps and homies.. lol..  I just am hoping that I am feeling much better by then..  Can’t wait to hang out with everyone.  Bowling?


ok..  I am watching sesame street with a kid I baby sit and I see this thing on there with Ernie and “the rubber duck dance”  He invites everyone but his “room mate” to join him in the tub.  WTF!  I thought we were supposed to tell kids not to sleep around and here is Ernie just havin a good ole time with everyone he knows.  Not to mention some of the things he invites into the tub are animals.  This guy is sick WTF.  ok LOL I am just wrong I know and I have way too much time on my hands.  yes I am only kidding but it made you think didnt it!!!  hehehehee…