hospital stay

ok so I have been in the hospital for over a month now so I have not had anyway to write let alone mind capacity to do so.  It took me over an hour to remember my screen name to get logged in to write this post lol.  I am still in the hospital at the moment but doing much better than I was a month ago.  I can walk around and do many normal people activities again some of them I need assistance with but things are going better everyday.  Sorry this is short but thats really all I have.  I have quite a bit going on here so I have had to stop twice already and every time I get intteerupted I forget what I am doing so i am going to stick with this I will write a longer one in the future when I am feeling even better!


Iowa vs. Iowa state

This weekend is the big Iowa vs. Iowa state game.  It is all over TV. and radio.. OMG!!  people making football planters, and football things that hold chips and pretzels..  and all this other crap that no one really ever needs.  I mean why cant people just simply get together and watch the game without going out and spending a ton of money on things that will more than likely get thrown out and only used for this game and maybe again when the super bowl comes around.  Many of the people that I have seen getting all hyped up are not even real foot ball fans they get excited over those two games, and go all out, then complain cuz they have no money.  Well DUH!!!!!!!!!! 

Just use a bowl you already have or leave the chips in the bag..  Plant your plants in the ground and just chill out.  People who are really into football arent going to care if you have weird planters and forks shaped like goal posts.  Do not complain when they dont notice because I tried to tell you. 

That sort of thing has always gotten on my nerves.. the people that complain constantly because they are so broke but then the same day or the next they are at the mall buying more outfits they dont need or other junk like a new purse on top of their 50 purses they already have.  Listen people its called a budget!! pay your damn bills first!!!  then have fun with left over.. save some of it just in case..  Do not come to me asking for money constantly when you could have used your own money rather than going to the store and buying things that just pile up and you end up throwing out..  Clean and organize your things.  You will be surprised what you find.  Just because the infomercial says something is cool and that everybody needs one that does not really mean that you do.  They just want your money.  damn!!!!!!!! 

I should really work on my swearing.  I just get so worked up when people keep doing the same thing over and over and always want me to bail them out but at the same time they dont want to do anything about it.  I have my own problems people.  I am not talking about everyone here so dont get all defensive but if this has made you think then try to consider those things.  I am actually talking about only two people in particular who are on my last nerve right now. 

On to happier news.  I hope that Iowa state wins this game.  I really like that team and pretty much always have.