Journey to healthy lives

We started about a year ago eliminated unhealthy things from our diets and adding in healthy alternatives.  We really got serious in January and started exercising and following several recipes from biggest loser cook book and a diabetic website that we frequent.  We started keeping a journal of everything we ate and the calorie counts and checking our weights every morning, as well as joining biggest loser weight loss group at the church.  Even though we had eliminated all junk foods and things some how the kids (ages 17, 14, 10, 7) were somehow still gaining weight.  Two of the kids are obese and a big reason why we started this journey.  We want them to start living a healthier life style and get to a healthy weight before other health problems start affecting them.

The 14 year old is a girl and she was gaining and gaining, so she started getting really frustrated.  We started asking doctors and reading everything we could on proper portions, we started working out even more.  Still she gained weight, then this show comes on one night called food revolution…  Well it shined a light on something we never realized.  What is being served at school lunch!  Aside from the fact that most of it is absolutely disgusting, it is no where near a healthy meal, yet they try to say they want our kids healthy and want kids to be at a certain fitness level and give them the presidential fitness tests..  On top of that several of the schools have cut back on PE, and next year are wanting to get rid of it altogether.  Right now they get to have PE either the first half of the year or the second half.  anyway!!!!

at breakfast kids are having cereal with chocolate or strawberry milk in it, they are allowed 5 pieces of toast, they get a breakfast sandwhich and a fruit, and sometimes have breakfast pizza as well.  Yes all those things are on the tray. ( Now at home they are given a healthy cereal with white skim milk and half a banana  and 8 oz of juice.  The teens when on the go have a fruit and grain bar and half a banana with a small cup of milk) At lunch they are given almost nothing that is actually cooked there for starters, but every single day they are allowed to have pizza up to 5 dinner rolls, an extremely sugary fatening desert fruit cocktail heavy syrup, and unless they choose to go to salad bar are given no vegetable because the sauce on the pizza or ketchup given with chicken nuggets is somehow considered a vegetable according to regulations!!!!!  can you believe that????  As a family we have now watched several food related documentaries and shows that teach us as well as the kids why it is important to make the right decisions even now in their life.

We watched food inc.  super size me, killer at large why obesity.  The kids of course had tons of questions about why things are run the way they are and we put it as simply as we could that people are greedy and it all boils down to money.  They started making better choices at school and knew that they can leave things on there and make a choice of what they would like to have in the morning.  They now choose white milk and go to salad bar everyday.  They have gotten several of their friends to do so as well.  Since they started they were happy to report that the cooks started putting out more fresh vegetable choices for them.  our 14 year old has now started losing weight and is very proud of herself, for the first time today she wore a very cute girly shirt without a hoody over it.  Before she would wear a guys 3xL tshirt with a hoody over it.

I am not sure how to get the school lunches and things changed but if anyone has ideas please let me know.  Also the taking away of PE..  they are at school for nearly 8 hours sometimes longer if they are in any groups or specials.  I have thought if paying someone a salary was an issue to see if they would allow parent volunteers to come in and do PE..  Honestly how hard can it be to take role call then get them to do calisthenics and start to play dodge ball, tennis, soccer, or whatever.  We do all those things at home now, but there are so many kids that live in small apartments with no yard or live with disabled parents that cant take them out and run around so their only chance at exercise is at school.

Sorry this is so jumbled I just wanted to get it all out!


~ by skeys1981 on April 16, 2010.

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