It is strange how things become popular, just a few short years ago I loved the llama song, when many people found it annoying and would throw it out, and now today I find out that it is becoming one of the most popular videos on youtube.  What changed people minds?  I used to wear all black and dye my hair strange colors, as well as crimp it and I have love new kids on the block forever.  I still have my bed sheets and the dolls.  I never stopped listening to them.  For many years people have said mean comments about it, and I have been shunned, and people have said mean things about the group.  I never cared though I still listened to them and watched their movies.  Now that they are back and a new thing they are all sorts of popular again, I have even had people trying to offer me money for my things, which they can kiss my toosh a year ago they thought my things were stupid and were calling the group fags.  A true fan of something is someone who likes it even through the less popular times.  I can’t turn a corner now without seeing people wearing what looks to be pieces from my closet.  using my hairdos and all these things that people would shun me for, and even go so far as accuse me of being on druge because I wore those type of clothes.  That often pissed me off!!!!!!!!


~ by skeys1981 on September 30, 2008.

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