Politics Drowning Me!

I am so sick of hearing

“my name is John McCain and I approve this message.”

Or even “My name is Barrack Obama, and I approve this message.”

It would not bother me to hear either one of those messages if the message didn’t constantly follow a commercial full of bashing the oposing person.  I want to know what you are all about from you, not from he said she said bs…  If I wanted to learn things like that I would go sit at a local middle school.  We are adults, and you two are wanting to be the leaders of our great country, why can’t you seem to set a good example for our youth.  What is that really teaching anyone?  To me it says who ever spreads the biggest rumors and bashing the other person the most is the one who is going to win.  Wouldn’t you much rather win, because you are the best person for the job, and because you know you are going to do great things for our country? 

I was so excited the last two presidential votes.  I knew exactly who I wanted to vote for and got all geared up for it, and I also helped promote and worked for the campaign.  I still remember knocking on doors in the rain and cold.  Being chased down by a crazy old lady who never votes.  I was able to meet several people that I most likely would not have and only watched on tv hoping to have that chance.  This time I just don’t have that drive and motivation. 

What I want to hear is what the person represents, how they voted on different things, or if they even voted at all, as well as why they voted that way.  people need to consider a few things when jumping to conclusions when these people vote on things many times there are other things attatched to that vote, and you have to either vote yes for all or no to all.  I personally would not vote yes for lowering taxes if it was attatched to something that said all elderly woman must dress in ninja uniforms and carry weapons.  I know that is a silly example but you know what I mean. 

There are a couple other things.. 

Just because someone isnt against abortion does not mean they are all for it either.  They arent trying to say ya everyone should go get one, what that means is that people should be given the choice.  Many people think it should be regulated somehow.  Example:health reasons, both mother and baby are at high risk of dying and the mother is already bleeding heavy..  Or a twelve year old girl who got molested or raped that got pregnant.  Sometimes people need to put themself in other peoples shoes. 

I guess use common sense when looking at voting go through and do your research about different things. 

I am also sick of hearing racist and dameaning jokes, they are not funny.  It is really no one business how many diapers someone changes, and lets not be ignorant.. no ones face is on a food stamp..  go take your mom and look in  a mirror the person next to you changed some nasty diapers and the one looking back at you is going to be nothing more than a food stamp mascot if they don’t stop making up rediculous jokes, and educating themselves instead.


~ by skeys1981 on September 9, 2008.

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