The seasons are changing, leaves are falling from the trees and turning beautiful vibrant colors.  Instead of rolling the windows down in your tank top and shorts the windows are going up with a sweat shirt and jeans.  The windshield is covered in the mornings cool dew.  This morning a fog surrounds us as we leave to do our daily running, we must be more cautious and drive slower. 

This season is wonderful, if you pay attention, you can see all the animals scampering trying to find all their things for winter.  You can see deer in the fields carelessly eating anything they can find.  Their once young baby from the spring is nearly old enough to strike out on its own.  What were once tiny kittens that could fit in the palm of your hand are now half grown and nearly as big as their mother.  The great circle of life keeps going as the old woman takes her last breath, the new baby is born.  The earth is planning for its rest over the winter so it can wake up this spring and be healthy and more fresh than we have ever remembered it.


~ by skeys1981 on September 6, 2008.

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