today is weird

what is there really to say here.  i do not know.  guess what turnips taste good!!! mmmmmmmm… 

Can someone give me a good reason to vote this year please.  Its just I have not found anything outstanding or someone that I like way better than the other because there are some things after doing much reading to find out the facts that I do not like about both people running.  anyway I am still thinking I guess I will probably still vote because I think everyone should that is able, I just feel really meloncholy about it this time and last time 4 years ago I was so excited and knew exactly what I wanted to happen. 

on to other news.. I think I broke my toe and it hurts pretty bad plus its really ugly right now. 

You know what I hate.. When someone says they will call you or whatever or show up to something and it never happens and you are like waiting and kind of worried so you call them and get voicemail and it just keeps happeneing and its abnoxious. 

Another thing I hate is when you have a test you need to take but you arent sure if you will pass or not so you just keep putting it off like it will go away and it doesnt and everyone keeps bringing it up and somehow people that dont know just start talking about it so you try to stay out of the conversation and some how get drug right back in. 

speaking of conversation omg..  I hate it how you can be talking to someone and people like butt in and listen to everything you say and half the time they have no idea what you are talking about or what is going on so they call up other poeple and accuse you of things and put this big drama out there that isnt even true.  ya I was reading something to a friend over the phone cuz her internet kept going out and someone was listening in then thought that I was doing something nasty when I wasnt.  It was dumb cuz they didnt even accuse me they accused someone who wasnt even involved with the situation in the least bit.  IDK.. people are just plain ass dumb sometimes and annoying like that I guess.  that is why I talk to most of my friends through IM or text because then people cant listen in. 

I also hate those dam magic 8 ball things they are so dumb and they piss me off..  he can not sing…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  dam thing.. 

dont u just hate it when ur butt like falls asleep and u cant wake it up and its just like snoring.. wait maybe that was gas idk anywayz….

I think I might be rambling here so dance your cares away worries for another day let the music play down in fraggle rock.. lol..

oh ya I hate capchgas or whatever those letter number things are that u have to type in everytime you want to send some one a message now days.  I meaning what happened to hitting the send button and it sending.  back in my day we had to walk to school up hill both ways in the snow bare foot with a boner lol just kidding I saw that on a movie..  jeff dunham.. it was really funny you should watch it.  its also posted on  just type in jeff dunham..

These are just some dorky graphics I have been working on if you want to see more go to


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