new things

well things have been kind of nutso today.  but then I got a chance to have a nice hot shower which made me very happy.  I used some new stuff my friend gave me its called hempz it smells so good and makes your skin so soft.  I went looking online to see where I can buy more I am in love with that stuff.

I have also had the chance this evening to get in touch with some family members, and cheer them up.  does anyone else ever have this weird feeling like you know when something is wrong with someone even when they are thousands of miles away.  I couldnt remember her phone number so I decided to jump online and send out some emails.  we chatted back and forth and she is feelin a bit better now.  I was glad that I decided to act on that feeling.  I was also able to get in touch with some old friends today so that was pretty cool.  man some people never change.  lol.. still stuffing their bra with store brand tissues.. lol.. dont they know name brand knleenex has more fluff… lol!!!!!!!!  Just kidding!


~ by skeys1981 on August 25, 2008.

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