I am tired and just want some peace and rest.  What is wrong with people these days.  I mean seriously.  People are intentionally starting shit constantl.  I just want to get some sleep for crying out loud.  Leave me, my friends and all of our families alone.  If you dont have anything good to say then dont say anything at all.  I mean didnt your mother ever tell u that?  Well anyway.  I guess now the new thing is accusing people of really dumb things. my friends and I for fun just take random weird pics of eachother and pics together giving eachother rabbit ears or sticking our tongue out at the cam or giving a hug or just bein weird whatever.  Nothing inappropriate..  I would be more than willing to take the pictures to a church!  If you get my point.  They are just for fun.  People are saying the pics prove that people are sleeping together and all this its so stupid.  I mean come on leave us alone.  good night all.


~ by skeys1981 on August 6, 2008.

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