Hookers (does anyone understand them?)

I am listening to this song called Single Again by Trina.  There is a part in it that says “I’m single again back on the prowl!”  The girl who has this on her profile as far as I am aware has never left the prowl.  It is always humerous when some dumb slut hooker gets dumped for hookin up with everything that moves cuz somehow its everyone elses fault.  She got dumped and she is all about him being the dumbass and how hes not perfect bla bla bla..  Well he wasn’t the one sleepin around now was he???  dam..  What is with girls like that???  They want the guy to be with them and loyal to them but at the same time they want more than one guy to be like that.  This girl has atleast three guys that she expects to not be with anyone but her or she gets pissed.  Well why can she sleep around but they cant even talk to another female??????  She is a hooker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know what you are thinking (does she get paid for it) Well hows this the three guys are also expected to pay bills when she has spent all her money on alcohol and other inappropriate things.  Buy her clothes, and anything she wants when she wants it.  None of them live with her.  She is allowed to go out to the clubs but they should stay home and not do anything.  I dont know there is other stuff too but I can’t say on here cuz its pretty out there.  Anywayz..

The thing is she is not the only girl I know that is like that.  I am friends with the chick and the dude in these situations and I don’t know what to do because when I try to talk to the chick she thinks I just want her man or she thinks I am being a bitch.  I am sitting here thinking ewe….  For real EWE…  not to mention I have a man and I wouldnt dream of doing anything with another man while I am with him.  I love him completely I would think that is obvious.  I just wish these girls would make up their dam minds.  I completely understand people who are just dating or whatever and both people are able to see other people.  That I understand.  but one person being able to do whatever while the other gets yelled at for going to a gas station with a family member..  That is just dumb. 

ok rant over..

look at this cute pic of my kitties..


~ by skeys1981 on July 27, 2008.

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