I didn’t disappear

I know it’s been quite a while since I have written, but a lot has been going on lately to distract me from any and everything.  I have recently seen someone go above the law..  having their friends all lie for them while the cops search their house for something they had only moments before.  Yes he had his friend take it and pass it off to another friend who gave it to a cousin.  Maybe he shouldn’t run his mouth in front of me if he doesn’t want people to know these things.  He continually violates his probation but aparently thats ok.  Just ask his mommy.  Its ok for him to abuse minors, his neices, nephews, sister, sisters friends, and other under age girls that he tries to fuck and then gets tired of, not to mention co workers.  Its ok for him to be loud and obnoxious and wake everyone up at 3 and 4 in the morning or on other days keep them up that late.  Its ok for him to rip peoples clothing and break things and steal stuff.  Oh you dont beleive me just ask his mom she will tell you..  cause he is her number one!!  its even ok for him to yell and scream at her and throw her around.  Its also ok for him to take a visitation with his daughter then not pay attention to her the entire weekend.  Never pay a cent feeding or clothing her. 

Yes I watched someone get banished from their family and kicked to the curb with her kids because her and her child got abused by a drunk.  Everyone took his side of everything.  I still want to know why.  I mean ok if it was you and your kids would you still feel the same way?  Would you take a stand or a side?  Well I am going to tell you one last time if none of you do anything about it, I am going to.  You have one day.  If anything else happens to any of those kids or her or me you might as well know right now everyone knows about everything.  There are pictures that have been sent to other people of all the things that have gone on, I guess if you don’t believe us you can see them. 

I guess if you guys want to play it like that though and kick out the person with the bruises I can make everyones life hell.  I can see mama go down with the dumb prick for being an assessory.  And many many other things.  Oh I dont know like the scars and bruises that her ass has caused as well that we also have pics of.  I warned them not to ever piss me off and give me a reason to turn them in I told them straight to their face if they never give me a reason to I would keep my mouth shut.  Well if you guys focus for a moment…  all I would have to do is leave copies of every picture I ever took with his babies mama and he would be gone………..  I guess why the fuck does he care if he gets his daughter or not he never takes care of her unless people make him, and then it pisses him off that he is being made to.  He can be right here and will make someone else bath her and feed her and put her to bed and dress her..  He can just be watching tv and will refuse to take her to play even when its him she wants.  Going out with his friends for all hours of the night is usually more important than making sure she gets to bed.  Getting laid by random girls in the basement is his other thing thats more important and spending all his money on cases of alcohol every night is more important than making sure her needs are being met.  What the hell are you guys gonna do when everyone is gone??????  None of you do your own laundry, you never help cook, your mom when she absolutely has to will buy some food, but usually doesnt.  Neither one of you know how to clean anything even if you made the mess.  before they all lived here you had the kids come down for the weekend to do these things for you.  Well I guess whose going to do it when you never see them again?????  Again I would like to ask why the hell would we let them come and visit you after everyone is gone?  So they can get abused again?  I’m gonna have to go with a no on that one.  A wise man once and many times said “hit me once shame on you, hit me twice shame on me!”  don’t know if you selfish bastards remember him or the things he said in the past, but I will never forget.  He was a great person and possibly the best person you had in your family.  You guys could have learned a lot from him, you could be a great person like he was if you wanted to be.  I will say this Scott is also a great person that people look up to and you guys should listen to more often.  I do wish he would stop and listen sometimes, but I understand him not wanting to be in the middle of things.


~ by skeys1981 on July 12, 2008.

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