Do you ever look at someone and notice how absolutely beautiful their skin is?  I do that all the time.  I know I am a weirdo ok.  As my man and I hold hands I look at how beautiful the contrast is between our two very different skin tones.  Mine a very pale white and his so dark mocha colored and smooth.  He is such an awesome person and I love him dearly.  I have been missing him like crazy lately.  It seems everytime we make plans something goes wrong.  We have barely had any time since easter.  That feels like an eternity. 

On a side note..  sometimes I tire of being the one who is stuck in the middle of things.  I just cant win no matter what.  If I give bad news it some how ends up being blamed on me.  If I know too much I am making things up.  Its like fine fuck you all and leave me out of it.  I am just trying to help make things easier since we dont have a whole lot of ways to get a hold of one another.  dam!!!  I love you guys I really do but you have got to stop that stuff.  I cant handle it.  Just get along we all know you love each other get over it and kiss already.  LOL..

side note #2:  I keep getting this hang over type feeling no other way to describe it if I sit or lean in certain ways I get all dizzy and about pass out it sucks ass cuz I havent drank.  Yesterday I nearly got sick every time this happened.  I cant figure out what the heck is causing it so if anyone has any clues please let me know……….




~ by skeys1981 on June 30, 2008.

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