For a good reason

When taking classes you learn about things in the book that are completely different in the real life situation. In the book its easy to not get emotional or think that the system we live in is total crap. Finding out that you are not allowed to spend the time that the patient needs and finish them up so they don’t end up with sores or have the water they need things like that because one they wont hire enough people to accurately care for the residents and two the people who work at places do not care about a fucking thing but themself and when they get to clock out. By law when a person weighs over a certain amount there should be two people lifting the person to do things with them. They do not hire enough people to be able to do that and then the people who are working end up with injuries from lifting too much and people get dropped and not able to be cared for properly. Then there are the people who work somewhere and even though they aren’t supposed to they run their mouth about the residents outside of work or while working call up people or watch movies or chit chat with the other people working rather than helping the residents.

Any way during my rotation I had to work at some places that I was absolutely disgusted by. I saw a lady clean a womans genital area then go across the room and do oral care for another resident without changing gloves washing hands or even cleaning up the mess from working with the other resident. I saw people yell at residents for things they can not control. Scream at them for asking for help. I also saw people hiding from residents and making fun of others. There was a lady in tears because she over heard some of the people making fun of her and she wanted to leave.

One of the things though without all that drama and rediculousness that I can not handle is the concept of DNR.. do not resesitate. Knowing there is something I know how to do and not being able to help and having to sit there and just watch someone die just ate away at me like none other. This happened on my very first day within the first 15 minutes. I kind of went into like a shell shock from it because the rest of that day was a blur. On the drive home I had a break down went to my mothers still freaking out and she talked me down out of it. I didn’t want to go back. I did however go back to all the rest of the things I had to go to. I was working in field when I decided as a personal decision that I couldnt do this anymore. I was drinking like crazy just to deal with the things that went on when I came home from work. To the point sometimes I would be sick. I was getting extremely depressed and just could not do it. I do like volunteering but doing that day in and day out as a career I can not ever do. I would end up dead from overdose or alcohol poisoning.


~ by skeys1981 on June 9, 2008.

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