Have you ever missed somoene so much that you craved them?

I have been sitting here missing someone so bad that I just crave the taste of their lips, the smell of their hair after a hot shower, the smell of their skin.  I want to wipe the hot sweat beads from their chest after a night of passion.  I want to nibble on their neck so they get that smile that I think is the most adorable in the world.  God I am about to cry thinking about how much I miss this person.  We haven’t even been apart that long which is why this is probably silly to most.  I guess you don’t really know how much you miss someone till you have to be completely apart and cant even talk to one another all day.  I just want to cuddle themand hold them all night.  running my fingers through that dark hair.  nibble and lick your ear!  Baby I love you!!!  I hope we are together forever. 



~ by skeys1981 on May 27, 2008.

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