dedicated to the biggest asshole I know.. (dont drop the soap)

Its funny to watch clueless people.  You know the ones!  They are the ones that think the whole world is in love with them and they are so hot and so cool and think everyone thinks they are funny and all that.  They keep saying shit and keep saying shit and dont know why they get yelled at.  hmmmm…  I am sitting here not involved in a situation watching it from outside the box and giggling to myself because people can be so randomly dumb.  What is funny is even though over half the people around the person are two seconds away from clocking this other person they keep on running their dam mouth about shit they know nothing about. Keep running it to everyone its really funny cuz I am just ignorning and I find it fun cuz I can sit here on the outside looking in at all the random retardedness from someone who is of health wise perfect mental health.  I guess I just dont get people like that.  People who cant keep their hands off of other people.  and have to hit people when they walk past them and jump into other peoples conversations.  Also these same people who think they have to lie about the most retarded things… like..  no it wasnt me that stole that persons lunch then two minutes later the empty rappers are found in that persons bag and the person is all coming up with the dumbest excuses of why like “well he annoyed me thats why I did it”  I mean come on who gives a fuck…  people in life are going to annoy you.  That does NOT mean that you can steal from them or malest them or hurt or harrass them.  eventually you will get turned in and u will go to jail.  What I am trying to say here is you know who you are and most of the people who will read this know who I am talking about.  Do not ask me for anything ever again cuz I am going to continue ignoring your dumbass…


On the brighter side of the news I am having fun enjoying my time with my friend.  He is a total sweet heart.  O FYI..  yesterday morning was awesome.. had so much fun..  and anyway my good friends always know how to make me happy.



~ by skeys1981 on May 24, 2008.

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