Too late to apologize

Today I decided what would happen from this point on.  You had a chance to be everything to someone.  or have someone be your everything.  In the mean time of you playing around with your big boy toys and other people someone in my life showed me that there is so much more than always waiting. 

He showed up from out of no where came out of the shadows.  Telling me sweet things without meaning to.  In fact they were the same sweet things he has been saying all along I just finally took the time to listen to him.  I always thought of him in one certain way keeping him like a mom does a small child never changing forever.  He has changed though but not too much he is still the same Luckily for others I am not the only life he is trying to make better.  He has put a few smiles on other faces as well. 


~ by skeys1981 on May 21, 2008.

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