punch out

I have just decided that whenever you plan something so it works just right it is all gonna be blown to hell.  Oh an apparently I am not allowed to leave for less than a day without all hell breaking loose.  I decided to leave with some friends we were gonna be gone from saturday afternoon till 5 sunday (today).  well first I didnt get out of the house till 730 cuz people were being dumb and not cooperating and others running late on showing up.  We just get to where we are going and start to get things settled and realize we are gonna have to go back into town and get gas and some food and of course pepsi max for the pepsi addicts lol..  Yes we are weird and a lively caffine addicted bunch.  anywho it hadnt even been 10 minutes and we were already getting calls from people about shit that was just rediculous.  This person has gas and this person is arguing with this person about a toy.  who cares figure it out dont call me you are a grown adult almost old enough to be my dad why are you asking me what to do?  sheesh!  Got all that straightened out and went to the store got some gas and the breaks went out.  yippie!  now I have to shell out like $100 out of my ass to get it fixed.  That is not even the best part..  The evening kind of goes along a little better for a while and of course like every other time I go somewhere to get peace and quiet with my friends who are also trying to get away and get some quiet and just chill…  stupid drunk fuckers come in bein all loud and dumb not to mention the fact that they were gay and had to talk about things I never needed to know.  (Not saying that being gay is bad)  some of my friends I was hanging with are gay as well.  anyway..  They were loud all darn night till the early hours of morning, when for whatever reason my back decided to give out!  Let me just tell you OUCH MOTHER F#$%@!!!!!!!  I know I looked like a damn idiot I had to crawl to get anywhere for a bit then I could hardly stand all the way up when I stood straight I wanted to scream..  It still hurts!  dudddddddddeeeeeeeee it just now popped though aaaaaaaa…   that feels a little better.  muscle relaxer must have worked this time.  OK well I finally get ready to go to bed and guess what from where we all were we could hear the gun shot noises coming from some army type place thing and they didnt stop even when we were getting ready to leave it was still going on!!!!!!  gggggrrrrrrrrrrrr!!  That is not the worst part.  I found out my uncle died this from a weird phone call this morning. 

I get a call saying to call mom its an emergency.  I call mom and aparently I was supposed to  call dad ( who had changed his number and didnt tell me)  anyway she kind of gets pissy with me and gives the phone to my sister who gives me the details.  He had gone to get his teeth worked on had dental surgery.  Left the hospital was out for about an hour and died.  I am sitting there like omg!  I thought maybe it was some weird joke.  They were like noooo….  anyway she gave me my fathers new number I sit and gather my thoughts and breath for a minute taking in the new info I had been given.  Then I finally call.  My father answers and act like he doesnt know who it is at first then starts telling me all about everything and bad mouthing everyone under the sun.  It kind of pissed me off and I stuck up for peeps too he didnt care for that much.  anyway then he tells me one of my cousins kids had gotten ran over by the car accidently and had been in the hospital but was now out.  He is doing well by the way.  I did have to mention to him and the people that it happened to that you do not leave kids in the car alone and you dont let kids play around a running car!!!!!!!!!!  duh!  kind of like wear your damn seat belt it could save your freakin life!  anyway.  we at this point said F it and everyone packed up to go home.  I went on for most of the day acting like none of this news bothered me I am fine look at me I am so tough..  I got home went to go tinkle and freaked out and pretty much had a panick attack about got sick it was not cool.  Its all good though I cleaned the bathroom while I was in there then I helped someone clean up there bedroom a bit and I calmed down again.  Its all good.  Oh I also got to yell at an idiot that took my friend out and didnt treat her right.  he started all stuttering and stuff I think he is afraid of me or some shit.  What a dork.  well people I am just lettin ya know dont fuck with me this week cuz I might punch you in the face I have a lot of built up frustration and anger.


~ by skeys1981 on May 4, 2008.

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