Feelin a bit better.  I would just like to announce to everyone out there that I am NOT NORMAL!!!!!!!  please let me go on to explain.  all of my friends and JP..  think I should want to have kids and should want my relationship to be a certain way and do certain things.  Well not everyone in the world wants to have kids of their own.  Yes I do enjoy other peoples kids and think they are cute sometimes but they can also get on my nerves too. Please listen carefully to this part though…  I DO NOT WANT KIDS OF MY OWN RIGHT NOW!!!!!  I might not ever want them I do not know.  I just don’t!!  Don’t try to be my therapist about it and try to say I really do but bla bla bla…  Certain people are going to think I am only talking about you.  No I am talking about everyone that has done this to me.  Even my own mother at times!!  god love the woman, she needs to be patient.  OK I love you all and most of you have kids of your own and love them dearly and love having kids I know.  However its not for everyone.  Not everyone enjoys such thoughts.  He is going to hate me for putting it all out here but things would have to change in our lives for me to even consider the thought.  Things that are no ones business but his and mine.  Bottom line here is people need to listen to me when I try to tell you something and not try to force me to have your opinoins.  Its annoying.  That would be like me liking to eat pine cones and I tried to force you to say you like to eat pine cones when you think the thought is just obnoxious. 

On the up side..  it was nice out for a while today.  I got to talk to my friend came up with some awesome ideas..  well ttfn..


~ by skeys1981 on April 24, 2008.

One Response to “NOT NORMAL”

  1. I’m sorry I ever tried to talk you into anything. I will never do it again. I know it was stupid for me to try. You are right though. I’m also sorry if it wasn’t me you were talking about. I have a habit of thinking I’m the sun. I know the world doesn’t revolve around me nor around my way of thinking. I don’t have a therapist’s license so I should stop practicing. I shouldn’t be giing out advice to anyone, just take a look at my own life. I am in no position to be giving anyone advice about anything. Glad the day was good and that you got to talk with your friends.

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