Earth day

Happy earth day I hope you all took time out to hug a tree.  lol..  I know I plan to!  (big grin)  I love trees.  I am still sick.  Been filling trash cans with vomit all over town.  lol..  lady outside town at a gas station I go to frequently remembered me from yesterday and knew I had been sick and was all worried.  I would like to thank her for being caring and helpful..  David Letterman just talked about earth day.. Word!!!!!  Walmart is all about goin green.  Went and bought my non paper and non plastic reusable bags today and started doing other things to reduse reuse and recycle even more so than we were already. 

Oh by the way I am about to go out and buy a damn pregnancy test just to show all yall that I am not pregnant!  so HA!!!!!!!!  I will let you know what the results said and maybe take a pic so you know I am not lying and I am right and you are wrong. 

by the way there is this really neat church near the library that puts really clever signs up every week I really like you guys that is just freakin funny as hell…


~ by skeys1981 on April 22, 2008.

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