true friends

I have had enough with people and their stupid crap.  for real..  I try to be nice and call this girl that kept leaving me messages I havent seen her in like 2 fricken years.  Ever since I called to talk to her she keeps saying shit about me its like dude fuck you…  get a fuckin life ok..  I am just tired of people fucking with me.  I am just plain tired really.  My friend Scott was about to start busting caps for me it was kind of cute and funny at the same time.  He had a couple of drinks that night.  I wasnt aware of it until after he got all rowled up.  he is such a good guy.  Been a true friend to me for a long time.  I really appreciate that.  Thats right pat yourself on the back.  To be honest I havent had very many true friends I have had people come in my life when I was doing something that was convenient for them.  Then when I was convenient anymore (not paying all their bills and buying all their shit) they stop talking to me and practically run my ass over with a car.  anyway.. just needed to rant sorry.


~ by skeys1981 on April 7, 2008.

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