I decided that I was a complete nerd.  I loved new kids on the block.  jordan was my favorite at first, then my sights turned to donnie.  I knew every single song by heart to the point where I would go around the house and randomly start singing them without any music turned on.  People would say a phrase and it would remind me of their lyrics.  I still actually have them memorized its a little scary.  I had the dolls, clothes, I still have the sheets. lol…  we even had sleeping bags.  I had tapes and taped everything that came on tv of theirs.  I used to watch thier cartoon.  lol…  still have the christmas special.  its in storage though. lol…  Trish and I were talking about it and she decided it was funny and sad all at the same time and it was ok that we were dorks because everyone else was too!!!  lol..  I don’t think everyone was, but just the people around us.  lmao.  because I do remember a few people calling them new fags on the block and me being the mouthy one that I am got in a fight with the girl over it!!  I still hate that bitch!  Not because of that.  Although I should have known at that point when she didnt like NKOTB and liked horses over llamas.  should have been a big clue!  I mean come on!!!  I bet that girl even hates ketchup!  What kind of person is that????  No wonder kids these days are so messed up lol..  They need some hammer pants, a tina turner wig, endless NKOTB music and bedsheets, and of course ketchup!

I know what you are thinking…  “Sherrie you can’t fix everything with duct tape, and ketchup won’t make peace in the world”  Well I have something to tell you….  Duct tape sure is handy, while not everything can be safely fixed it can hold together for quite a long time with enough duct tape.  and my other theory about ketchup… well I think that the reason why people go to war and are so pissed off is:

1.they need to get laid more often,
2. They need to mind their own damn business
3.  Their food tastes like shit and they need ketchup on it
4. They must be listening to way too much kenny rogers
5.  Too much country music
6.  need to Read comasutra
7. need to look in the mirror and make funny faces
8.  they haven’t pet a llama
9.  Their pant legs are too constricting
10.  Their pillow doesnt have Donnie looking them in the eye!! lol

OK before you pee yourself go to the bathroom!  I know right now you are in the yellow pages trying to find the numbers of every nut house from here to the coast line. 

On a side note I have to give mad props to my sister Ash.. 
As most of you know my middle sister is kind of an antaginizer, which can be funny at times, but also really annoying.  Ever since Ash has had a boyfriend and he started giving her gifts my middle sister has been teasing her about getting married because she knows it annoys ash.  middle sister told ash she could borrow her dress finally ash turns to her in a very serious and loud voice and says “hell no, do you know how long it would take them to bring in that circus tent to fit me?!!!”  LMAO.. sometimes you just have to love that girl.  She doesn’t hold back, and doesn’t care if it hurts your feelings if its true..  I can remember clearly when she was really little having to go pick up femanine products and her asking “are those diapers for me mom?”  and mom saying no those are for personA..(saving the person here)  Then her yelling out in front of god and everyone in the store “Oh those diaper are for PERSON A!!!!)  Person A turned bright red and was outside the store trying to hide under anything she could find.  I have to admit at the time I was laughing my ass off..  now I know its not funny.  I was watching my friends kids and they found a box of what they called “bullets”  and were dive bombing them all over the house!  Then told the whole world and even brought some out to show a male friend of mine!!  I wanted to die!!!



~ by skeys1981 on April 5, 2008.

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