Today I feel like a baby duckling.  Its all rainy out to the point where you can barely see anything in front of you.  That isnt the reason though.  I am in desperate need of direction.  One of my classes I need some real help with.  I keep thinking I am doing it right and getting it done but then I get the feed back from the instructor and she treats me like a retard like how dare I think that was what she meant by what it said.  for example an assignment said to give the definition then an example so I looked up the definitions put them in my own words and gave examples…  what she really wanted was for us to make up stuff about what the word could be however it did not say that in the directions even though whenever she yells at me she says to read the directions well bitch that is what I am doing and its not in there!!!!!!  I did exactly what it says……

That is not the only thing I need help with.  I think I need help with life in general.  Just when I think things are ok in my relationships with people things bomb out.  The rest of my life is lived like I am waiting for a bomb to drop.  Always fights and if its not this its that and I just want to punch people in the fucking face.  I am so sick of hearing about how every fucking thing is my fucking fault and I am their “favorite person”.  I am tired of people condoning disrespectful fucking kids.  FUCK!!!!!!!!!  maybe someone should stand up and take the mother fucking blame.  maybe the dumb pecker wood shoudl do what he is told and I wouldnt get pissed at him.  or maybe he should place the blame where it really lies..


~ by skeys1981 on March 31, 2008.

One Response to “Waddle”

  1. I am sorry I will stand up right here and take the blame. It is my fault he is such a disrespectful little ass. I raised this little terror and now I have made my bed so I now must lie in it.

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