So we are sitting here watching the mist.  We are babysitting a little girl and she gets all upset so I try and find anything I can to cheer her up.  I look up dora on youtube and lol omg…  there are so many wrong things people have done to that poor character.  They had one where she did the soulja boy dance and everything with that whole song.  Then there was one that some guy would say nasty things instead of what she normally says on it.  lol…  That one was funny as hell though. 

 Its been a hell of a day.  Talking to people that I never thought I would talk to again.  It was just weird and kind of uncomfortable now that I think about it.  anywhozers…

My computer keeps on messing up.


I tried to make this recipe of my sisters for dinner didnt turn out quite right but it was ok I suppose.. 

God I am so scatter brained.  Sorry people.  I am going to get off of here before I scatter anymore.


~ by skeys1981 on March 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dora”

  1. i love dora the explora lol x x

  2. your image of dora is one of the first ones that comes up when you search dora the explorer on!

  3. LOL.. hope you guys enjoyed the reading. Glad to see that my post shows up online atleast lol.. The kids I babysit are obsessed with Dora.

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