The Dividing Wall


We have been together for more than three years now, but for the majority of those three years it has felt like there was a giant wall dividing us, keeping us from being truly close and able to trust.  I am not sure what happened, but all of a sudden the wall came down and everything is exposed.  We tell each other everything, and are able to trust one another in a way that no one else really understands. 

Its kind of funny, people see him out , then come and tell me they saw him at bla bla bla place.  I just smile and say “ya so what.” then they ramble on some more, and I say “ok I already knew” its just humerus how people just try to get up in business that isn’t theirs.  I mean if they are just worried that he is a cheating jerk I am grateful that they are looking out for me, but if its just worthless drama, then I don’t want to be a part of it. 

It is weird I feel like I just fell in love with him, even though I have loved him for a long time.  I just want to tell everyone.  To be honest before I didn’t want him constantly around I wanted space all the time, now we barely get apart and I want him back.  I miss his voice, the way he smells, his smile, the way his eyes light up, and his mischievous laugh.  I didnt use to be a cuddly person, and now I just love him hugging and cuddling up on me.  I think we gross people out.  We are constantly all I love you smoochey smoochey smooch.  lol…

I probably have grossed out half the people that read this blog.  For this I am sorry. 

What sucks about the wall coming down between us is there is  a wall going up in other places.  I am not sure if I am just noticing things now about people or if they just started acting that way, but things just really get me all sorts of annoyed and pissed off.  I would rather just not deal with it.   These people are purposely harmful to others, it drives me nuts.  Also the people who are all sorts of I am so mad cuz my boyfriend ( fill in the blank) and get everyone mad at him, but its ok for her to be a horrendous slut!  No I do not think so.  To put it all out there her boyfriend is a respected citizen and would not harm a fly let alone another human being and she is just destroying him I am unsure of how to stop this from happening.  She constantly is saying horrible things about him that are no where near true.  I have known them both since high school.  They are both friends with me so I am unsure if I should tell him the things that are going on.  I honestly used to think she was this sweet innocent girl that was so shy.  Now she is sleeping around, meeting up with random guys off of the internet.  I am really worried about her.  You never know if the person on the Internet is who they say they are or if they are some serial killer, perverted old man, cross dressing truck driver, or a lunch lady that wants some strange stuff on the side.  You just never know.  People need to be more careful.  If you want to go out meeting people take someone with you.  For crying out loud break up with your boyfriend first!!!!!!!!!


~ by skeys1981 on March 17, 2008.

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