My little corner


 I sit in my corner day after day, barely uttering a word.  I do what I have to do.  I even do what I don’t want to do.  I want out of my cage now.  Someone set me free.

How can a person be completely giddy and bummed all at the same time.  It just feels like as one part of my life gets better and happy and comes together another part of it is falling apart.  I honestly was about to cry earlier today.  Have you ever been just kind of sitting there working away and someone takes a call trying not to bother you they go into a different room and you over hear them saying things about you that are unkind and not true.  Usually I just either laugh it off or get kind of pissy about it, but you know after so long of just letting it happen I just want to scream.  I just wish people would be honest with me.  Don’t just say things behind my back.  Come up and say it.  Ask if things are true or not, don’t just assume because some little asshole said something that it was true.  Look you know who you are and you probably read this because I am almost gonna bet that when they print hers off they print mine off too…  No I am not stupid I know about all the conniving bitching FUCKING things that go on in this house!  I just want to be left alone ok.  I have my life you have yours.  Every fucking time I keep getting dragged into things its when I am minding my own fucking business trying to get work done.  Let me just spell it out for you if I didn’t have to be here I fucking wouldn’t I fucking hate it here.  I can not stand you.  I am tired of being bossed around by a 14 year old.  I am tired of being accused of things when I didn’t do anything at all.  Tired of getting up everyday to take care of everything and being accused of not doing a damn thing.  Well you are right I can’t do everything, but no one can.  I am not a god.  No human is perfect, not a single one, and certainly not you.  Before you go pointing fingers you should look at the ones pointing back at you.  All those things that you say about other people all those hateful things look into it..  They are you they spell out your name forever.  I know that is why you do this because you dont want to be the bad one.  You want everyone in-the world to think you are so sweet and so nice.  HA!


~ by skeys1981 on March 17, 2008.

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