Time Goes Forward

toilets_4950.giftime goes forward
Current mood: bouncy

I officially hate being sick.sick smiley  nothing fun comes of it, except some extra cuddles and a couple games of boggle which I kicked ass at, and some really funny text messages from brian who should be ashamed of himself lol..(blush)..

It really sucks cuz I wanted to call people this weekend but I do not have a voice to talk to them with.  I sound like a squeeky toy!  So its a good thing I know sign and people are usually close enough for me to do a whisper for them to do my outloud talking for me. 

OMG I have never drank so many fluids in my life.  I am just trying to nip this in the butt as quick as possible the potty and I have become close friends this weekend.

You all will be happy to know I survived another semester.  I absolutely love my business class it was so fun and my instructor was the most awesome lady in the world.  I ended the class with an A.  I am doing the dance and shakin my tookis..  ya the other classes sucked but I think I did pretty well in those too like a B or something.  anywho.  I must go for the time being. 

TTFN!  if you need to reach me in the next few days email me or write me on myspace or lots of texts cuz I cant TALK!!!


~ by skeys1981 on March 15, 2008.

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