living with psychos

The days just keep coming and going, each one the same as the last.   I wonder when this endless cycle will change for me.   I can not handle much more of it.   One thing changed   I guess after hounding and hounding finally some peace and quiet around here.   I so tire of the endless yelling and fighting and whining.   I have never met in my life anyone over the age of 2 that acts like such a big f@#$ing baby.   Now I am around 5 of them, and sadly one of them is over 50.   The next biggest baby is 14 and litterally cries when he does not get his way about something.   It is the most retarded thing I have ever seen.   What is worse is he is the oldest so the other 3 younger follow suite and cry and throw baby fits as well.   The 11 year old cries about litterally everything even having to take a shower.   The seven year old throws himself down and pouts and does baby talk.   The 5 year old does baby talk and hurts everyone in sight then pees on everything and poops himself when he is mad.   Did I mention scream at the top of his lungs for two hours straight.   Yes this child has gotten us kicked out of a hotel before.   Even worse than that the other adults get mad if we just try to ignore them, but when we punish them we are assh@#$%.   Then they go and baby them.   So in the end they learn nothing.  
~March 3, 2008~


~ by skeys1981 on March 15, 2008.

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