Lakeside love

making love

lakeside love
Current mood:

Along side the lake we lay
Bodies entangled
the only warmth coming from his skin
“people coming”
“no worries babe, we only look to be cuddling”
his growing warmth inside me
sweat falls from his brow
“shhh.. you must not get loud”
our eyes meet
I can see into his soul
his lips kiss from my eyes to my thighs
A brisk cold air moves in
excited screams fill the air
he collapse beside me
holding so tight
staring in my eyes
kissing and touching
sweet whispers
(Beep Beep Beep)
the alarm interrupts our love
we stare harder at one another
I take a deep breath
“I need to go”
“not yet”
adjustments were made
he remains kissing and cuddling
“I must go”
we stand and hold each other
he holds me tight not letting me go
I grab his hands trying to pull them from behind me
sadness overwhelms, a tear down the cheek
“soon, ”
“I love you babe”
” love you two”
tears flowing we drive away

~March 09,2008~



~ by skeys1981 on March 15, 2008.

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