The wind is rustling through the leaves and as quickly as that happens life changes.  Everything seems to be going by so quickly half the time I do not know where I am going.  It was like yesterday was Christmas time.  Now school is out in two weeks, my sister graduates, and this Sunday is Mothers day. 

I have no idea what to do for my mother.  I always try to do something special, but many years it seems no matter what i do it seems as if it is not the right thing or it gets looked at like its retarded or even worse she flat out starts yelling at me cuz i got her the wrong size or ect. 

 Anyway I am getting too distracted by annoying children to write this right now.  I will be back!


~ by skeys1981 on May 11, 2007.

One Response to “Wind”

  1. Sorry for the annoying children. It just makes you appreciate mothers even more. I know what you mean about time flying. IT is the same thing when you ahev kids of your own. One day your their everything the next they are graduating, getting married and moving on with their life, without you.

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