Rainy Day


Today I sit here wondering why in the world anyone would choose to live in such a state.   It is nearly May, and I am wearing full-out winter clothing and still shivering, I am afraid if I don’t move around enough my butt cheeks my freeze together.  Then I look out the window in front of me and see all the fresh air and the rain drops coming down while the ducks waddle around and splash in the puddles, it is beautiful.  

Animals have such innocence to them.   The horse across the street in the pasture rolls around on the ground on its back with its legs in the air like a dog would.   Every time I see that I start to giggle.  

My cat I have to say is one of the funniest creatures you will ever find.   She makes this quacking sound when she sees a fly and tries her hardest to jump up and whack it with her paw.   Then there are birds outside that we often feed so they keep coming back.   She sits in the window sill and waits and watches they fly up almost taunting her, and she jumps up trying to get them and her head hits the window and usually she falls out of the window.   She never learns either, because she repeats that several times a day until she sees something else that she wants to conquer then its trot trot trot down the hall…     ~ April 25, 2007 ~


~ by skeys1981 on April 25, 2007.

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