Wonder Child


I am continually fascinated with the human mind and how it works.   Like how certain things can vividly still be implanted in my mind that are from many years past, and how things from last week I barely remember.  

I remember the first steps that my younger sister Ashley took.   She walked back and forth between my sister Cheryl and I until she could strike out on her own.   We were all so proud of her.   I wanted to take her everywhere with me after that.   I was always very attached to her.   I helped teach her many things; including riding a bike, learning to swim, and reading.  

For whatever reason we had a connection like no one else and I understood her to a point where I knew what she needed to be able to learn the things that came naturally for other people.   Many people were very short with her and got annoyed easily.   To me she has always been this awesome girl that fought so hard.   She is so courageous, and can do anything if she sets her mind to it, and when she does look out, because no one will get in her way.

Now that her and I are so far apart I often feel so alone, because for the longest time we were practically inseperable.   I charish any time that we do get together.   She is now this grown woman getting ready to strike out on her own.   It seems like yesterday I was still holding the back of her bicycle seat and holding her up in the water, and teaching her the sounds of the letters, as well as 2×2 and the little tricks to memorize!   I can vividly remember all these things like they were yesterday, but I don’t remember the day she became this awesome independent lady.           ~ April 24, 2007 ~


~ by skeys1981 on April 24, 2007.

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